Mobile Website Design.
Having a mobile version of your website should be a priority as more and more people use smartphones and mobile devices to view websites and make bookings online.
Why Do I Need A Mobile Version of My Website?
The mobile version of your website must be easy to read and navigate on a small screen. Research has shown that smartphone users will use their device to get basic information about a hotel, such as location and room rates, and to make online room reservations.

How It Works
When smartphone users visit your website they will be automatically directed to the mobile version. For example, if your website is, mobile users' phone will be automatically detected and they will be instantly directed to the mobile version:

Does it Matter What Brand of Smartphone is Used?
When developing mobile websites for our customers we do extensive testing to make sure the website content fits perfectly on the screen of any device, including the latest iPhone, Samsung and Nokia devices, to name a few.
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